Companies find space and resources to innovate in Connecticut

The record number of patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office to Connecticut residents in 2018 indicates that new technologies have the space and opportunity to be born, grow and reach the market in this resourceful state.

Health care and biotech are prominent sectors that benefit from the abundant resources offered by Connecticut as well as throughout New England: major research universities (Yale, MIT, Harvard, NYU), biomedical research institutions, world-class healthcare providers, leading healthcare insurers,  and leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Startups – local or international – find there, in addition to the environment conducive to innovation, financing options to bring their products to market. Contests such as VENTURE CLASH (with registrations open until June 7) reward outstanding early stage startups and,  among the various venture capital firms located between the New York and Boston corridors, Connecticut has CONNECTICUT INNOVATIONS – a Top 20 venture capital firm in the United States! CONNECTICUT INNOVATIONS specializes in health care, medical equipment and biotechnology to provide startups with the capital, resources, and expertise they need to grow their businesses, mature their technology, establish regulatory compliance, and bring their products to market.

The Brazilian startup IMedical has benefited from all this pro-innovation environment. In just three weeks of living in Connecticut, the company closed its first local partnership and held executive meetings with CEOs, provided even by the local government that has actively collaborated,. IMedical is part of Hub55’s first immersion program, STARTUP DIVE, which will feature a second edition in the second half of 2019.