Few people know, but today, November 19, is celebrated the World Day of Female Entrepreneurship, where is celebrated the performance and evolution of women’s role in the business world. According to GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring), in 2017, women had a 51% share of the business market in Brazil.

For whatever reason, when seeking to undertake entrepreneurship, women go through a process of change and they end up changing themselves. As women naturally bring their desire to change their surroundings, their choices (either financial, family-related, idealistic, etc) shape and impact the new directions of society life. With the energy to change things, to do things differently, women end up in the role of executing the destiny of their business, pushing boundaries and chasing their dreams.

It could be no different with our Startuppe leaders Cecilia Ivanisk of Learn to Fly and Karol Andrêis of In You Health: from January to April 2020 they will challenge themselves during three months in the USA, along with their team, as finalists of the Startup Dive USA Program, promoted by Hub55.

“We are very excited to participate in Hub55’s Startup Dive. It is an important step towards the internationalisation of our company and doing so with the help of Hub55 gives us the security of following the right path. In addition, the US, and especially Connecticut, is a region with many opportunities for our business, both for our product development and for business partnerships. We just started the program in Brazil and already had our first mentoring. We are very happy!” says Cecilia. Her startup offers a simple and efficient platform for human and personal development for all who seek self-knowledge and the revolutionary power of mentoring.

Still on the subject of personal development, Karol’s startup acts as a personal self-improvement assistant focused on nutrition, physical activity and emotional balance, so her consumer can become the best version of themselves. “InYou understands that being a global company starts by knowing the markets we want to be in. We believe a lot in this exploratory period of the American market, with access to information and contacts that Hub55 offers us,” adds Karol.

Immersion will take place in New Haven, Connecticut, Hub55’s US base, with nearly 200 hours of hours of activity, mentoring and coaching to familiarize startup representatives with the different aspects of the American way of doing business, preparing them to take off.