FDA and the European Medicines Agency are relocating to Amsterdam

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is following the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and moving from London to Amsterdam.

Both EMA and FDA decided to move to the Netherlands capital because of Brexit. With Britain starting is withdrawal process from the European Union, more companies are leaving the region and relocating elsewhere.

In the process, Amsterdam became a key location and, besides FDA and EMA, will become the European base of the Japanese electronics company Panasonic and the Japanese bank Mitsubishi UFG. This is not a result of lobby alone! The Dutch government is making the necessary investments to attract all these investments and talents relocating from London. All over Amsterdam it’s possible to see investments in infrastructure, especially in public transport and housing.

“This is a natural process, companies will look for a destination not only with great financial environment, but also where they can hire top talent and provide a high quality life for their employees. Amsterdam offers all that, that’s why Hub55 is here as well!”, comments Karina Fensterseifer, based in the Dutch capital and responsible for the European operation of Hub55.