Did you know that the Netherlands offers a visa for international entrepreneurs? Being one of Europe’s top destinations for startups, the Netherlands offers several incentives for entrepreneurs, including the one-year vida, renewable if the project is going well.

Details about the business plan and businessmodel are basic requirements to apply, of course. You also need a local mentor, but this part is eas; we, from Hub55, already know some very good ones that are registered in the government as facilitators for international startups. Another important point: the product or service needs to be considered innovative, by meeting one of these three conditions:

· The product or service is new in the Netherlands.
· A new technology for production, distribution or marketing is involved.
· There is a new organizational approach and innovative process.

With this post, my desire is to see more entrepreneurs overturning the borders between Brazil and the Netherlands, a country that surprises me every day by the ability to make everything work. Working and living here is undoubtedly a great privilege.

Written by Karina Fensterseifer
Hub55 Europe Project Leader, based in Amsterdam