Hub55 arrives in Brazil, after the USA and Holland

Hub55 arrives in Brazil, after the USA and Holland

Considered the most important trade fair in South America, Hospitalar will take place in São Paulo, between May 22 – 25, 2018. Thousands of healthcare companies and professionals attend Hospitalar, including Hub55 team.

Every year we take part in Hospitalar, but this year our participation will be special! With new offices of Hub55 in São Paulo and São José dos Campos, international companies that travel to Brazil for Hospitalar can already stay in the country to run their business with our support.

Hub55 is an internationalization platform that reduces costs and speeds up the process of expanding and developing international business. With +20 members, from the public and private sectors, Hub55 provides local support for international companies, including:

• Registering legal entity & monthly maintenance,
• Access to office space and local support from Hub55 team,
• Initial market assessment,
• Marketing support,
• Mapping of key stakeholders,
• Negotiating partnerships and joint programs,
• Translation of corporate documents and marketing materials,
• Representation in events,
• Business match-making,
• Hiring and supervising local team and service providers.

Hub55 was founded by Paseli Consulting, an international business development company headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. For more information, please contact: