The ARx Experience Workshop event hosted by ShopperUM took place on April 9 at the HUB55 New Haven office. On this day, participants were able to test the ARX Machine and better understand all the functionalities that can be achieved with through augmented reality. Talking with Sandra Asturi, CEO of ShopperUM, we understood that the main objective of this event was to use it to talk about the internationalization journey of the startup and to keep the communication channel opened, in order to show the intention to continue this project.

“I believe that the main goal has been fulfilled and the simple fact that they felt comfortable demonstrating this in their experience with ARx machine, singing, dancing and literally celebrating represents for us a sign of good results,” said Sandra Asturi

For 3 months, ShopperUM participated in the Startup Dive USA program promoted by Hub55 in order to provide coaching sessions and several strategic orientations necessary to position Brazilian startups competitively in the American market. The main idea of the program is to promote opportunities for networking and introduce participating companies to several North American partners.

“The expectation during the ARx Experience Workshop was to make people feel part of the journey, to let them know they had an important role in it, which would make them proud to celebrate with us the perspective of continuity that was crowned by our participation in TechDay. As I said, we prepared the land for the plow, we sowed our seeds that will surely soon be fruitful,”says Sandra Asturi.

One of the biggest results of this immersion program was ShopperUM to get a booth at the TechDay New York fair, an event considered the largest in the United States in technology and startups, which will be held on May 2. This opportunity will certainly provide participating companies with a global showcase, numerous contacts and potential business partners.