Is coworking for your business?

The concept of Coworking Spaces is not new and has quickly spread around the globe. It’s a shared work environment, used by several individuals, freelancers, and companies from a wide range of industries. Of course, small businesses, startups and freelancers are the ones that prefer these spaces over traditional offices or home offices – but larget organizations are slowly trying out the coworking concept.

Working in a space-sharing environment has many benefits and advantages, however it is not always a perfect solution. Let’s see:


These shared office spaces are great for new ventures that need to keep the cost level down. In a coworking they get all the infrastruture they need with the cost incorporated into the monthly fee paid. One bill thus covers it all: electricity, internet, office supplies, printer, cleaning, maintenance and even a phone number, and coffee machine! Space owners take care of all these details and the company only cares about working.

Some companies opt to have a traditional office within coworking spaces, using the common area (such as reception, restrooms, cafeteria, meeting rooms), but keeping the staff within a space with the identity of the company. That works really well too!

Every company needs to figure out the best way to work with their team. Some people simply can not work in a traditional office or from a home office, so coworking spaces can be a good possibility.

Coworking schedules are always flexible and they usually host meetings, events, workshops to keep things interesting.

Motivation & Networking
Contact with peers and interesting people with different backgrounds can be one of the main advantages of being in a corworking space (specially for the freelancers that need some human contact) because even though they might have nothing in common with your business, they can help keep you focused and engaged.
Need advice? Want an opinion or take a question? There will always be someone to help you and motivate you to continue with your project.


Privacy sacrificed
Despite all the advantages presented, it will always be difficult to achieve a moment of absolute privacy, because, in any case, we are talking about a common working environment.

Many sites create individual rooms, call rooms, and some private spaces where you can hide for a few minutes. However, many of these spaces use glass instead of walls to get as much natural light as possible.

Concentration Committed
Working in a place with different people is full of benefits, such as social activities, birthdays and various other initiatives that can often be distracting and decrease the productivity of the team. In light of this, it’s always a good idea to consider working in a shared space if you and your company partners can separate moments of interaction and moments of total focus.


This is our experience at Hub55. We are not Regus nor WeWork competitors! Workspace is just one of the benefits that we offer to our clients in the process of entering a new market. We understand that, especially for companies in the process of internationalization, it does not make the slightest sense to invest in a structure of their own. That’s why we have all the resources that companies need in the first moment, from meeting rooms, cafeteria, cafeteria, super fast internet and all this in pleasant working environments.

At Hub55 New Haven, for instance, we have great resources available to our clients, including a gym, a Starbucks, and great event spaces in the building: