University of São Paulo is now part of Hub55

Since 2017, HUB55 has an important partnership with Yale University, which is part of Hub55 in the institutional membership, exclusively for teaching and research institutions, technology parks and incubators. Yale is supported by the Hub55 team in Brazil and the United States to promote events, missions, research and development projects, among others. The actions are many and all strengthen the Brazil-United States relationship.

And now HUB55 also has a very important partnership in Brazil: the University of São Paulo (USP). According to Karina Fensterseifer, responsible for the partnerships in the education arm of Hub55: “This union provides an exchange of benefits for both institutions, increasing our already multi-faceted network and also our ability to support several projects, both in Brazil and the United States. For USP, this relationship expands visibility outside Brazil, becoming more present in international projects and events. ”

USP, which has recently benefited from Capes’ Print call, has a strong internationalization project in the United States. The dean of the university, Prof. Vahan Agopyan, was visiting Yale on the 25th, and had the opportunity to meet with members of the USP academic community at an event promoted by Hub55 in his office.

With Hub55 located virtually within Yale University and with 41 other educational institutions located within the state of Connecticut, within a radius of 2 hours by car, it is very easy for the Hub55 team to support research projects, missions exploratory agendas, courses and training for Brazilian teachers or students.